How to Listen Better in Online Meetings

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Quick, name the top few things you do most in your online meetings with clients.

If you're like most advisors, your top few included talking face-to-face and sharing information on your screen. Those are fine ways to use technology, and they’re major reasons online meetings can perform better for clients then meeting by phone. In fact, sharing information online is advantageous for advisors who know how to do it right.

The problem with online meetings lies in trying to replicate in-person client conversations. Specifically, you can't replicate the feelings of empathy, caring and understanding that you communicate in person.

Why? Because most of your in-person communication is nonverbal. And in online meetings, your nonverbal communication is severely constrained. Even when they can see your face, clients can’t “feel” you listening over the internet in the same way – your body language is unintelligible. Clients wonder whether you understand what they’re saying and what they need.