How to Write Subject Lines that Prospects will Click on

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Eight out of 10 people will read the subject line of an email, while only two of them will go on to read the rest. When it comes to reading things online, we have a selective attention span; this is why it’s so important to optimize headlines in both blog posts and your email marketing.

Your subject line, which is typically the same as the headline/title of the article, is the first impression of your content. It can make-or-break whether a potential client will keep reading an article or open an email from you. Creating subject lines that compel investors isn’t an exact science, but there are specific steps you can take that will greatly increase the magnetism of your content.

1. Be methodical

If you don’t know where to start, content-marketing research has paved the way for some statistic-backed guidelines for writing headlines and titles.

Stick with 6 -13 words