Five Election Year Clichés to Vote out of Office

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I can’t wait until the election is over so that these horrible election year clichés will disappear.

A cliché is a phrase, where, if you someone tells you the beginning, you can fill in the rest. For example, if I said a cliché is a phrase that has been, “beaten to…,” you would know the next word is, “death.” A cliché is a sign the writer is lazy, reflects a lack of originality, and destroys your credibility.

1. What history tells us about the market in an election year

You advisors are all trippin’ on social media about this, which bugs me for a few reasons.

How are you all writing blogs about this if you aren’t in the business of trying to predict the market? I mean, isn’t that what you all say every time a client asks you about the performance of their account? The conversation immediately gets redirected to your elevator pitch. You know, the spiel about how you are “comprehensive financial planners” and you focus on giving holistic advice instead of trying to predict the market.