Three Advisor Programs that Drive Client Engagement

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Three of the best advisory firms teach us about programming with intentionality and purpose.

Your clients are busy people. Whether they are still hard at work or are enjoying new experiences during retirement, you’re not the center of their attention (sorry, but it’s true). And those are your actual clients! It is even more difficult to engage potential prospects.

Building great programming changes all of that.

Through educational seminars and content or fun-filled events, you’re giving your clients and prospects a very good reason to not just spend time with you, but to talk about you and all the value you provide.

Here are three examples and lessons of best-in-class programming in the wealth management sector:

Morgan Stanley’s Institute for Sustainable Investing

While the majority of advisors don’t have the resources of Morgan Stanley, we can still learn from the firm, and its Institute for Sustainable Investing is no exception. This rich content series promotes everything from articles to videos related to sustainable investing, and even hosts an annual Sustainable Investing Challenge and Sustainable Investing Fellowship program.