Are You a To-Do Hoarder?

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When everything matters, nothing matters.

We all have a thousand things to do. Those things stress us out, keep us up at night and get in the way of what matters in life and business.

I’m often asked to provide clarity on what to do to help grow a business. Instead of focusing on what you need to do (adding to your already long “to do” list), start with what can be stopped to make space.

The concept of simplification in our physical spaces is obvious. We can see when our space is getting cluttered. When there is a mess, we remove, clean and organize.

Like our house or office, our priorities and relationships deserve the same maintenance.

If you feel overwhelmed, go to bed with a thousand things running around your mind or wake up in the middle of the night, mind racing – you are to-do hoarding.

You have limited time. Physical hoarders ignore the constraints of their space and accumulate to the point of chaos. To-do hoarders disregard the limits of their time and energy. Having an overflowing list of to-dos or people to serve doesn’t make you more impactful; it makes you less so. More can quickly become unhealthy and unproductive if it’s not managed with intention.

The best way to start to make progress on anything is to is to choose to focus on it and nothing else.