My Experience as a Fee Discloser

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Any advisor who refuses to clearly present fees on their website cannot claim to be operating a transparent practice. Period.

My experience as a fee discloser

Before you all try to beat me up on APViewpoint, my fees are in fact clearly disclosed on my website. Talk to the hand, advisors!

Or, said more properly: “No, sir, I do not bite my thumb at you, sir, but I bite my thumb, sir!” Source: William Shakespeare.

It’s a magnificent thing when I have a conversation with a prospect who has visited my website and knows what I charge. It allows our conversations to begin, rather than end, with the pricing discussion. I get the whole meeting to justify the value of what I offer. The communication is so much clearer. I have found those conversations are usually much more productive. Right up front, the client knows what they are getting and how much it costs, and they are onboard so much more with the deal. It gets them emotionally involved because they have all the information and they feel more in control. The buying cycle is considerably shorter.