The Downside of Thinking Big

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When it comes to growth, think small.

This is counterintuitive, but small goals, small wins and small losses are necessary to making big progress.

Anyone who has achieved success knows it was a result of consistent effort, doing a lot of the right things over and over again. To maintain that level of effort, you need three things – a plan, buy in and a feedback loop. Wins, no matter how small, fuel motivation and affirm your approach. Feedback holds you accountable and informs when and how to iterate.

Financial advisors who want to grow have big goals – to increase their AUM by $100mm, to add 10 new clients in a year or to build and implement a marketing strategy that drives leads.

But those big goals lead to big confusion and frustration.

It’s not clear where to start, who to focus on and what to do. Action is replaced with inaction and enthusiasm with excuses such as a lack of time, resources and know how. Yet, no amount of time, resources or know how will dramatically change your results until you change your goals.

What you want is not necessarily what you need to be working towards. What you need are very small, actionable and achievable to dos.