Six Empowering Questions to Ask Daily

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“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” Voltaire – French writer, playwright, philosopher

How does one acquire the motivation to improve?

Many people struggle with this timeless question, from losing weight to enhancing their relationships to engaging in activities that grow their business. It’s easy to wish for a better body, a closer friendship or a bigger clientele, but it’s quite another thing to make the continuous effort required over the long haul to make it happen in reality. You know the script: You set a New Year’s resolution to get to the health club three times a week, but on that first snowy Saturday in January you pull the covers over your head and sleep in.

Self-improvement always begins with a happy thought but the execution is typically lacking.

A fine book on a unique approach to self-motivation is from Marshall Goldsmith, who coaches some of the world’s top CEOs. In Triggers, he suggests you ask yourself six empowering questions at the end every day, whether you did your best to:

  • be happy?
  • find meaning?
  • be fully engaged?
  • build positive relationships?
  • set clear goals?
  • make progress toward goal achievement?