Five Awesome, Undiscovered Apps for Advisors

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Financial advisors face tough decisions when it comes to adopting new technology. A new app or tool designed to improve our processes is released every day. The problem is there are too many technology tools and you can’t and shouldn’t try them all.

Let me help you learn from my mistakes. I’m a tech nerd. I tend to go all-in when I find new tools that can theoretically improve my business in some way.

I like finding new tools and trying them out – so much so that I’ve been known to let it distract me from doing the hard work.

For example, when I started my retirement podcast, I rushed out to spend $6,000 on a “podcast launch package” to help bring my show to life.

It seemed necessary at the time, but in hindsight it was a giant distraction considering I hadn’t even attempted to record a single episode!

Technology can absolutely make your business run smoother, but only if you have done the hard work first. Before you download an app or try out a brand-new tool, ask yourself if this is really the best place you should be spending your time.

Is this new technology distracting you from hitting the record button or reaching out to a potential new client? If so, you should do the work now and worry about shiny objects later.