Five Fun Ideas to Jazz Up a Boring Zoom Call

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I’m doing some wild things to stir up my Zoom calls. These ideas may be too radical for you. But humor me, read on and let me know what you think.

Muy sabrosura!

Between work and homeschooling my kids, I have so many Zoom calls that I find myself rejoicing when someone cancels on me. It is partially due to the fact that it is hard to look at yourself for eight hours straight. Other times, it’s sheer fatigue.

I think a lot of people are in the same boat. Is anyone else “zoomed out?”

I know some of you reading this will roll your eyes at the mention of doing anything novel, fun or cool. I’ll start with the least wild of my ideas for jazzing up a boring webinar or Zoom call and work my way to the most (as Antonio says in Spanish) sabrosura!


  1. Fun background

Most of you know that you can put up a customized background on your Zoom calls. You don’t even need a green screen to pull this off. Zoom offers a few socially acceptable options such as a bridge, a picture of the solar system, etc.

You can download a stock photo from a site such as pexels or unsplash. I opted to jolt my audience into paying attention with wacky photos such as jellybeans and penguins. Sometimes I even change the background in mid-call to keep my audience awake. You can even put a video up behind you.

What should I try next – guinea pigs or hamsters? How about E.T.? Comment on AP Viewpoint and let me know.

Caveat: don’t put a picture of a beach. Whenever I see that, I get angry because it makes me want to go to the beach with Antonio and my kids instead of being on the Zoom call. I’m not exaggerating; I actually get angry about being reminded that I’m not at the beach.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Motivational image such as someone finishing a marathon;
  • Picture of the company’s office (if you are doing a webinar for a particular company); or
  • Picture of you doing an appropriate hobby like fishing, sailing, or playing chess (ice breaker if having a meeting with a new client).
  1. Break the boredom using breakout rooms

Advisor meetings are so boring, and the longer they get the more excruciating the boredom becomes.

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?