Email Marketing: Choosing the Best Subject Line and More

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When you are getting started with email marketing it can feel intimidating because you don’t know what you don’t know. You’ve been getting marketing emails for years, so you have a basic idea of what to include. But when planning your own it helps to know the basic framework guidelines of what goes into an effective newsletter or marketing campaign email.

My series, The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Email Marketing, helps financial advisors understand how email marketing works so they can properly use it to connect with prospects and gain more clients.

Previously, we covered the ins and outs of email-list building, and we talked about the tools you will need to execute your email marketing strategies.

Now it is time to dive into the different components of a marketing email. Becoming familiar with each of the components of an effective marketing email will help you structure your emails for the best possible results.

Effective email subject lines

Subject lines determine whether or not your email will get opened. So the job of a subject line is to stand out in the inbox, grab the reader’s attention, and get them to open.

Examples of the types of subject lines that consistently perform well include:

  • Numbers (Three Ways to…)
  • How to….
  • Appeal to positive or negative emotions (pain, pleasure, fear, excitement)
  • What’s in it for them? (incentive, benefit)