Advisor Perspectives Statement on Racial Justice

I am reaching out today to the community of advisors I know and respect. I share both sadness and outrage over the violence and murder of innocent victims. I want to respond to these events with compassion and action. George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery are but two of those who have been senselessly killed. I offer their families and their communities my sincere condolences.

I recognize that the vast majority of law enforcement professionals are admirably fulfilling their duty to serve the public. They deserve our support too, especially as we work to identify solutions to prevent a recurrence of these tragic events.

Advisor Perspectives’ mission is to assist advisors in helping clients reach their financial goals. I welcome your insight on how understanding and appreciating all communities can help them achieve those goals. I would like to expand our coverage of how advisors can create investment and planning opportunities for diverse and underserved groups. We are open to your opinions about rights and resources for all people who have not had access to justice or financial services because of where they live, their race, ethnicity, religion or any other reason that would cause them to be underserved.

Every day, advisors work with people to lead them to productive outcomes. I encourage you to recommend readings that will help educate readers about racial inequality and how change can lead to better financial outcomes. You can post your feedback as comments to this article and it will appear on our commentary forum, APViewpoint. Please also share organizations to which you contribute and how they are impacting social change and justice for diverse groups. At the end of this article is a list of five organizations that I believe are doing the right things to support this cause.

While donations are important, I am asking myself and the Advisor Perspectives community to continue to be engaged and attentive to the innocent victims of violence and the underlying prejudices that lead to those crimes. Let’s ask our government and local communities to review their records administering justice to minorities and to make the changes necessary toward a just and peaceful society that is our American promise.

Thank you,

Robert Huebscher
Advisor Perspectives

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