Three-Dimensional Care for Clients in Crisis

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How do you market to prospects in emotional lockdown, conserving not only their money and toilet paper, but their engagement with anything or anyone around them?

Even those of us who remember the polio scares of a couple generations ago haven’t seen anything quite like this. Clients are Googling, social-media-ing and panic-reading more news, fake and otherwise, about wealth management (and everything else) than they ever have.

What do I do with my 401(k)? How much do I put into cash? Do I pull this investment or that? Which mattress should I put my money under?

Your clients are asking questions, and getting answers from all different sources – many of them not helpful.

What do you do to care for clients as a financial advisor? Hard selling feels like exploitation of a crisis, but you want to help, not sit on your hands. What does marketing mean in times of chaos? The answer is to press into what marketing means – a richer understanding I call three-dimensional marketing.