Five Charming Ways to use a Face Mask to get New Clients

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With all of this gloom and doom, can anyone crack a joke anymore? Did the entire population of the world forget how to laugh? More than anything, that is what people need right now.

With uncertainty high, prospects are going to stall just for the simple fact that none of us know what will happen tomorrow. Show your prospects that you aren’t like every other advisor; you are an unconventional thinker with a touch of class. Sending the “just checking in” email for the sixth time isn’t going to make them ACAT their funds.

The smile is what is missing from the deal, advisors! Charm them out of their apprehensions using these five fun face mask prospecting techniques.

1. Send a customized mask to a prospect

I’m talking to lawyers because I am probably going to have to sue the New York City Department of Education. If anyone wants to know why I am doing this, we can have a Zoom call and talk after I have had a few glasses of wine. Suffice to say that this is not a decision I’m taking lightly.

Lawyers are the only profession that has more boring marketing than advisors. No lawyer has even followed up with me. But if one of them sent me a Thomas the Train face mask for my son, I would sign the contract ASAP.

You can buy reusable cloth masks from Etsy or Amazon. If you want one customized, you may have to contact a manufacturer directly. Send the mask with a cute note such as, “The way we protect our clients goes beyond your finances.” Here are some creative ideas:

  • If you are coveting a military veteran, send an American flag mask for Memorial Day.
  • If you know the person has kids, send a mask for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. And send the kids some masks, too.
  • If it is an institutional investor (e.g. a foundation) or a business owner, put the company’s logo on the mask.
  • If you know they love animals, send a mask with puppies on it. Or even better, send the pet a mask. Do you know they actually make dog and cat face masks? Check out Cuddle Clones.