Five Essential Advisor Webinars for the COVID Crisis

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Advisors are beginning to master virtual meetings, working from home and presenting online.

How can you capitalize on those skills with one-to-many online webinars?

What types of webinars should you provide during the COVID-19 crisis?

How do you draw a crowd at your events? (Hint, you don't need even a single social media follower.)

Let’s begin with the top five advisor webinars for the current COVID-19 crisis.

1. Special situation update for clients, coronavirus edition

Add a webinar to your crisis communications mix.

Client webinars are an inexpensive alternative to in-person events.

Your content can put the current crisis in historical context, share how the markets and economies have behaved following shocks and pandemics, and make the case for your investment and planning strategy.

Client webinars can be especially helpful because you can reach all your clients at once, and spouses and adult children can listen in to a live presentation or watch the recording.