Advisor Marketing for Those who Hate Marketing

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I don’t blame you. If you hate marketing, here are some quiet, low-risk, easy methods that require minimal resources.

Given the instability that the coronavirus has created, what I am going to say may sound highly unusual. This is a great time for financial advisors who can offer a higher level of service and deliver more to their clients. But how do you humbly and graciously communicate that without putting on “the marketing mask?”

I hate the marketing mask

I hate marketing. Well, let me rephrase that. I hate marketing consultants because they push what I call the “marketing mask.”

What do I mean by the marketing mask?

  • Fakeness
  • Having to redo your logo and website 12 times to the tune of $5,000+
  • Loud rah rah cheerleading about the same old meaningless clichés that get no response
  • Requiring you to be too “salesy” and be a pain in the neck with prospects

I made a resolution in 2020 that if another one of my clients hires a marketing consultant to work alongside me on a project, I’m quitting that relationship.

You get why, don’t you?