How to Get the Best SEO Results from Your LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn is how to position yourself for success online as a financial advisor.

As the world’s largest business-oriented social network for working professionals, it’s where your colleagues, associates, and prospective clients are spending their time online. It’s also where you’re likely showing up first in searches as the people you meet Google you. You should always strive to make the best possible first impression with your LinkedIn profile.

My series, A Financial Advisor’s Guide to Creating Your LinkedIn Profile and Making the Most of It, helps financial advisors understand how LinkedIn marketing works so you can properly use its best practices and strategies to connect with prospects, gain more clients and grow your business.

Getting found on LinkedIn

Think of your profile in terms of how it will show up in search engines outside of LinkedIn and within LinkedIn’s search.

Search for anyone’s name online and chances are their LinkedIn profile will be one of the first search results shown by Google. More than likely, your prospective clients and anyone looking to collaborate with you will research you in advance. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s prominence in search engines to stand out online.