An Introduction to LinkedIn for Financial Advisors

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If you are not using LinkedIn actively, you are missing a prime opportunity to grow your business. Although the social media platform has been around since 2002, it has gained renewed respect in recent years as more professionals are recognizing its value.

Seize the opportunity to leverage LinkedIn to grow your network, raise your visibility, and generate high-quality leads. I have created a series, A Financial Advisor’s Guide to Creating Your LinkedIn Profile and Making the Most of It.

In this series, I will answer questions such as:

  • What is LinkedIn?
  • Why is LinkedIn important for financial advisors?
  • How should financial advisors optimize their LinkedIn profile?
  • How can financial advisors fully utilize LinkedIn for marketing?
  • What can financial advisors do to get the most out of LinkedIn?

Over the next few weeks, you will find the answers to those questions and more to help you use LinkedIn to connect with prospects, gain more clients, and grow your business.

What is LinkedIn?

Unlike Facebook, Instagram and other popular platforms that are more for personal use and entertainment-focused, LinkedIn is geared specifically toward business professionals. When people are on LinkedIn, they aren’t there to look at cat videos. They are there to focus on business, their career and professional development. This makes LinkedIn the ideal platform to grow your network and share your expertise.

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that enables you to easily connect with people you know and would like to know. It’s like attending a virtual business mixer with more than 630 million attendees and everyone is wearing a nametag with their title and company in clear view.