Advisor Perspectives Ranked as Top Newsletter for Financial Advisors

Lexington, MA. January 17, 2020. Advisor Perspectives has been ranked as the most-read electronic newsletter by financial advisors in 2019, based on the annual media survey conducted by Erdos and Morgan.

Since 2013, Erdos and Morgan has conducted its financial advisor media outlook and usage study (“FAMOUS”). It surveys over 39,000 advisory firms, which it cross-references with the SEC’s database to create a sample that is representative of the advisor universe.

In 2019, for the first time the FAMOUS survey asked advisors which electronic newsletters they had read in the past month. Advisor Perspectives was ranked first among the 45 newsletters listed, with four times the readership of the average publication.

Furthermore, Advisor Perspectives was the most-read newsletter among the key demographic of independent registered investment advisors (RIAs), with approximately twice the readership of the second-highest newsletter. It was also the most-read newsletter among advisors 45-54 years old and those 55 and older.

The FAMOUS survey also showed that Gaining Perspective, the podcast series that Advisor Perspectives introduced in early 2019, has quickly grown to become the second-most listened-to podcast among those targeted to advisors and the fourth-most overall.

“Since I founded the company nearly 13 years ago, I have made it our goal to provide the highest quality editorial content from the most respected authors serving the advisory profession,” said Robert Huebscher, the CEO of Advisor Perspectives. “This study validates that strategy and shows that we are succeeding in our mission, which is to help advisors enable their clients to achieve their financial goals.”