Five Reasons to Add Auto-Webinars to Your Marketing Mix

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“Is it live or is Memorex?”

If you are Gen-X or older like me, you may remember that famous ad campaign -… that’s the one where singers such as Ella Fitzgerald shattered glass from a Memorex-taped recording of their brilliant voices.

That startling act proved the power of a Memorex audio-taped recording.

The big myth with marketing webinars is that your audience cares whether the webinar is live.

They don’t.

Your prospects, clients and centers-of-influence (COIs) don’t care if your webinar format is live or an auto-webinar (an automated webinar).

Once you understand this paradigm, the much-maligned strategy of webinars becomes a game-changer for advisor marketing and you can kick the dinner seminar habit once and for all.

An auto-webinar (sometimes referred to as evergreen, virtual-live or persistent webinars) is the one financial marketing strategy that combines the unstoppable power of video with the intimacy, interactivity, and immediacy of a live webinar.

An auto-webinar is a pre-recorded presentation broadcast. Your audience believes the webinar is live and the experience is virtually identical to attending a live webinar with questions and polls.

Auto-webinars started about 10 years with a few niche marketing technology players.

Now this relatively new technology is available from LogMeIn’s GotoWebinar and other full-service webcasting companies.