Helping Prospects Decide if They Need an Advisor

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My wife and I moved to a townhouse. At our former homes, we cut the lawn ourselves and trimmed the bushes, trees and shrubs. We don’t do that work anymore. We deliberately chose a housing option that reduced our manual workload. Now we visit our children and grandchildren instead of working on the lawn. We are freed up from pesky chores and our evenings and weekends are open for the activities we enjoy.

We pay homeowner’s dues and they might seem expensive or unnecessary to some people. A frivolous expense, perhaps, especially if you like doing maintenance or lawn work.

But it is worth every nickel to us.

Are advisors essential?

Did you ever think about who hires an advisor … and why?

People assume that advisors are a nonessential expense. They wrongly believe that knowledgeable people don’t need one and that the only folks hiring advisors are rich or uninformed people.

Yet, that describes almost no one on my client list. My clients are hardworking, smart, knowledgeable and quite well informed. They spend wisely and few of them would pay for anything they don’t need. Indeed, my clients perceive value that I rarely see discussed in the press or media. My list includes active businesspeople, teachers, professionals, union employees and retirees.