Get the Most Out from Marketing Photos

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Prospects make buying decisions based on the visual imagery they see and the feeling it inspires. Use well-planned marketing photos to create a compelling impression.

When selecting images for your marketing materials, you have two basic options: stock images and custom photos. I have talked before about using stock photos in your marketing in Tips to Select Featured Images for Your Financial Content and What You Should Know Before Using Stock Images.

I want to share with you today the important role that professional custom images play in your marketing and how to get the biggest impact when working with a professional photographer.

Custom photo options

When it comes to using custom photos — those taken yourself or by a professional — these are the images you will use to represent your firm to the world. I have seen many advisors use candid photos that have been taken around the office on their website and/or in their marketing materials. While this is okay in certain situations (such as on social media), I highly recommend investing in professional pictures.

By utilizing a professional photographer, you are ensuring that your photos are high quality in appearance and that you are putting the best possible representation of your firm. You can save the more candid shots for social media posts and client events — anything that would benefit from having a little more relaxed feel.