I Know Why You Lost That Prospect

Photo by Aliyah Jamous on Unsplash

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Advisors frequently tell me how baffled they were when they didn’t convert a prospect. Often they say something like, “It was such a great meeting. I have no idea why I didn’t land them.”

I have the answer.

The meeting wasn’t “great”

When we go over the details of the meeting, it becomes apparent that it was great – for the advisor.

If you are talking, and the prospect is listening passively, you will feel “great” after the meeting.

But the prospect won’t.

You made assumptions

It’s difficult to avoid making assumptions. I coach advisors on the peril of assumptions every day and I still fall into the trap myself.

Recently, an advisor asked me about marketing initiatives that might be effective at generating new business. I gave him a list that included podcasts. I explained why podcasts might work and the benefits of doing them.

He politely waited until I finished and told me he recently wrapped up his latest podcast.