Creating a Cohesive Content Marketing Strategy

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If you’re considering using content marketing to promote your financial services business or if you are looking for help to take your marketing efforts to the next level, The Ultimate Financial Advisor’s Guide to Content Marketing covered everything you need to know from start to finish.

Content marketing is a powerful way to connect with potential clients for your financial advisory firm. Creating and sharing useful content raises awareness about your business and educates prospects about financial topics and smart money management practices. Because you’re a financial professional who helps your clients make their money work for them, content marketing showcases your expertise. It lets prospects know you understand their financial concerns and challenges. At the same time, it sets you apart as relatable and approachable, before you meet the people who are considering hiring you. And, finally, content marketing is the key to getting discovered online because it boosts your search-engine optimization (SEO), driving organic traffic to your website.

How to create a financial content marketing strategy

Content marketing doesn’t work without a strategy. Map out a plan for creating, publishing, managing and monitoring the content itself. Plus, you’ll need to prioritize growing your audience and distributing your content to put it to work for you.

Be clear about your intended audience, ideal client and what they would want or need from you to catch their attention and gain their trust.

Overall, your goal isn’t to impress your colleagues and competitors, but to turn strangers into readers, interested prospects, and ultimately referral partners or clients.