How to Distribute Your Content to Other Publications

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Now that I’ve covered how powerful content marketing can be when you share articles with your own audience via your website, social media and email list, I want to discuss the mechanics and benefits of submitting custom content to relevant publications.

In part nine, How to Share Financial Content With Your Readers, of The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing for Financial Advisors, I went into detail about the logistics of effectively sharing your content with readers using the channels you control.

Now it is time to talk about how to submit custom content to publications to expand your reach and gain more readers.

When developing and executing a financial content marketing plan, submitting custom content to publications is an important opportunity that should not be left unexplored. To reach people who have never heard of you or your website, who aren’t connected with you on social media, and are not subscribed to your email list, you can work to get your name and content into publications your target audience is already reading.

Appearing in respected online media and publications will open doors to connect with potential clients and offer worthwhile networking opportunities. It will help build your authority and credibility as a go-to expert in your field and raise awareness about your firm.

Publishing on relevant high-authority sites will give you the opportunity to link back to your company’s website, boosting your SEO and potentially generating valuable leads.

So now that you are thinking about getting published, what are your next steps?