How to Share Content with Your Readers

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You know how to write great content of all types, but what do you do with it? In the not-so-distant past, financial professionals needed to rely on printed materials, such as brochures and booklets sent through the U.S. mail, to get information in the hands of potential clients. Now you can deliver your best tips, advice and insights to clients with a few simple clicks.

In part eight, Why Your Financial Advisor Content Strategy Needs a Schedule & How to Create One, of The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing for Financial Advisors, I went into detail about how to optimize your content for search engines so people can find your website organically online.

Now it is time to learn about the importance and logistics of sharing your content with your readers in the most effective ways.

To promote your financial services using content marketing, start by harnessing the power of your own website, social media and email marketing tools.

Advisor website content

First, publish content on your own website. Every article you write and create should be posted on your blog.

Your website is the hub for all your online marketing. Think of it as a destination where readers can find the best content for topics relevant to financial planning. The trick is to create a value-packed resource that becomes magnetic, pulling potential clients to your company whenever they need help from a financial professional.