Advisor Perspectives to Market Big Picture® Charts and App

[Lexington, MA] Advisor Perspectives will be the exclusive marketing agent for Investments Illustrated’s products, the Big Picture® Chart and App. Advisor Perspectives will offer these products to its audience of nearly a half million professionals in the financial advisory industry.

The Big Picture Chart is an annually updated print product that illustrates 93 years of historical returns for several major asset classes and hypothetical portfolios. Launched in 2010 and marketed primarily to Canadian financial professionals, the chart will now be promoted to a U.S. audience. It helps planners and advisors to spark conversations with clients about the historical advantage of equities, the value of diversification, and the power of market recoveries.

The Big Picture App is a software product that allows advisors to back-test retirement portfolios over rolling historical periods. Advisors can illustrate for clients the success rates, safe withdrawal rates and portfolio longevities associated with a given asset allocation and expense ratio.

For example, an advisor can show a client how well a traditional 60/40 portfolio would have fared, using historical data, and illustrate the chances that a client’s funds will last over a given retirement horizon.

The Big Picture App uses the same approach that Bill Bengen used to develop his “4% rule,” which is the standard against which all other retirement strategies are judged. Indeed, after Bengen was shown the program, he said, "I’m a big fan of The Big Picture app. Besides quickly illustrating the effect of assumption changes on withdrawal rates, it’s a lot of fun to use. I wish I had access to it in the early 1990s. It would have saved me many hundreds of hours of grueling work. It’s a great tool to use with clients, as well."

“These products will help advisors communicate the pros and cons of various investment strategies with their clients,” said Robert Huebscher, CEO of Advisor Perspectives. “Those clients face a lot uncertainty when making important decisions about their retirement, and the graphical illustrations provided by the Big Picture Chart and App will help advisors explain the complexities of asset class performance and safe withdrawal rates.”

“Advisor Perspectives is the perfect partner for us,” said Ryan McLean, founder and CEO of Investments Illustrated. “It has a worldwide reputation as the premier provider of sophisticated content on investing and financial planning, and that is perfectly aligned with our target market.”

In addition to offering the Big Picture Chart and App to individual advisors, Advisor Perspectives is in discussions with large asset managers, brokerage firms and custodians who would like to distribute a private label version of the offerings, with their logo, through various distribution channels.

Advisor Perspectives is based in Lexington, MA, and was founded in 2007. Its web site and on-line community, APViewpoint, are visited by nearly 200,000 advisors per month.

Investments Illustrated is based in Palo Alto, CA, and was founded in 2010. Its Big Picture Chart and App have been used by approximately 125,000 advisors.

For more information about these products, please contact Advisor Perspectives at [email protected] or call 781 376 0050.

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