1980s Song Titles that Describe Advisory Practices

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Call us old-fashioned, but we can’t help nodding our heads with the beat when we hear 80s music on the radio. This one’s for you, financial advisors!

Here are some lessons you can learn from 1980s song titles about running a profitable advisory practice.

1980s hit: Private Eyes

In the age of increased internet usage and digital communication, you just never know who is watching you.

The lesson about how to run your practice

Maintain the highest level of security and never miss a beat.

I know one financial advisor firm that innocently sent a flash drive with client information through the mail, only to find the envelope returned — ripped open. It was a nightmare for this firm to resolve. One slip up and your practice can dramatically suffer. Doing it all yourself is an arduous task; choose technology that does that for you.

1980s hit: I Can’t Go for That (no can do)

It’s a song about drawing the line between what you will and won’t do.

The lesson about how to run your practice

Outsource the “administrivia.” You’ll only be more successful for it.