Advisor Bios Stink

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I would rather read about your love life than anything in the typical advisor biography. Those bios stink. To liven yours up, read on.

Does your bio sound like this?

Bios are the financial services equivalent of the Miss America pageant. Everyone competing with that fake smile on their face while trying to pretend they’re not competing.

Let me guess, your bio sounds something like this, right?

  • You’ve been in the business for 20+ years.
  • You worked at [insert name of financial firm that only your competitors recognize] for 10 years before that and were the most powerful person at the place, and ran the whole thing.
  • You received a Bachelor of Science in finance.
  • You hold the [insert name of financial accreditation that only your competitors recognize] designation.
  • You volunteer with a million charities because you are the nicest person in the world.
  • You have three kids, a spouse and enjoy traveling with them.

Gimme a break, party people.

The point isn’t to show off.