10 Advisor Web Sites with Great Blogs

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Blogs are crucial for any good advisor marketing strategy. Websites with a blog have 434% more indexed pages, proving that content is a huge search engine optimization (SEO) factor that you have to get right.

Although blogging as a financial advisor may sound like a huge time commitment, you can spend just a few hours a month developing content that your clients and prospects want to read. However, I understand those few hours are valuable to your financial planning business. To be sure the time and effort you spend isn’t squandered, avoid these blogging mistakes – and learn from these 10 examples of how advisors built a great blog.

1. Not having a niche

It’s crucial you define your niche before you do anything else. By choosing a specific target audience, you can write directly to your readers and give them content that will steer their financial aspirations. Your blog topics will be more specific, and ultimately more interesting and informative to a smaller group of people.

Dorsey Wealth Management focuses on empowering women to gain control of their financial future. To reach its audience, it focuses on women-centered blog posts, as seen below.

Even after deciding on a niche, it can be hard to reach your target audience amongst all of the other options online. That’s where a call-to-action (CTA) comes into play.

2. Missing a CTA

Since your blog is targeted at your specific niche, it’s the perfect opportunity to steer your audience to your services. Capitalize on your content by including a CTA that prompts the reader to take more action.