How to Know If Your Website is Worthless

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More than half of advisor websites are worthless. Read on to learn if yours is one and, if so, what a better option is for your marketing dollars.

Just put the poor thing out of its misery

Here’s some real talk. Most advisors shun any semblance of creativity, and, as a result, their website does no good for anyone other than the web developer who got paid thousands of dollars to put the thing up.

Here’s a tip to many of you reading this: Put your poor website out of its misery.

I’m dead serious.

Take the thing down and save yourself the time, money and annoyance of dealing with some marketing person like me who is going to try to persuade you to actually do something different from everyone else — which you surely find irritating.

When you meet someone at the golf course and he or she wants to know more about you, just respond with, “Great! Let’s connect on LinkedIn!” or “I don’t have one – let’s just have a steak dinner at Morton’s and I can tell you all about myself.” Then make it seem like it’s some exclusive thing where you only offer this to people who you think are really cool and have a lot of money or something like that. They’ll feel so flattered.