Simple Updates to Your Website for a Modern Look

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How do you consume information online? An endless scroll sprinkled in with a few swipes or clicks? How we use the Internet is different from the 1990s and 2000s. Modern website design has adjusted to how we devour information.

Block text was popular in the 2000s, but don’t expect someone to take the time to read that now. Visitors to your firm’s website expect a look and feel that matches their daily experience with their trusted news outlets, social networks and apps. Don’t disrupt your clients’ digital environment. They need to want to read your message on your home page to schedule a call with you.

Your 10-plus year-old website doesn’t need a tear-down to the beams. Work with what you have to “feng shui” your digital home. Keep the web designers at bay and money in your pocket by trying these simple changes to breathe fresh spring air into your first impression with prospects.

Use the comparisons below to audit your website pages for dated features.

Home page

2009 website

  • The classic American novel for an introductory message – excessive use of block text, small font and little use of formatting
  • Too many choices – more than five links in the menu
  • A color wheel experience – too many colors, not all on brand and little white space