The Surprising Results of My Social Media Experiment

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

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For investors, the Holy Grail is a big reward without risk.

For advisors, the Holy Grail is a flood of qualified leads using social media.

Neither is realistic.

At my digital marketing company, all our business comes from referrals or those who see something I’ve written on social media.

I’m active on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I use Buffer to post and schedule my social media contributions.

I conducted an experiment to see what kinds of posts generated the most interest on social media.

The results surprised me. I want to share them with you.


I post blogs on social media based on articles that I’ve written for Advisor Perspectives and for my weekly newsletter. I usually add text to my postings so people will understand the gist of the blog.

My blogs are typically 500 words. They are labor intensive because my work is research-based. I hyperlink to any significant source.