Seven Tips to Customize Generic Marketing Content

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Automated marketing is fast and affordable. But getting a return on your investment requires customizing the content to your niche. Here are my seven content customizations to turn generic ramblings into relationship-building content.

While AUM growth is your end goal, you are entering on a journey of prospect relationship-building. It is a journey to build your “know, like, and trust” factor. Leads and referrals won’t pick up momentum until you add your voice and passion to what you share. Customizing content is an easy and low-cost way to unlock reader response.

Independent advisors have a wealth of content libraries available for them, either purchased or provided by their broker-dealer. There are two ways to customize this content. Your content provider may allow you to edit its article as it is integrated into its website dashboard. If you cannot directly edit, you can write complimentary content that shares your unique perspective, matched to your niche’s issues. The content library then serves as educational reference material.

I see financial advisors frequently automating their marketing and then forgetting about it. After a year of purchased content, they don’t see increased client engagement or new prospects. With customization, you will experience a reduction in the duration of signing a new client.

Start with these seven customizations to turn your blog into a conversation.

1. Pick the right content

Research, ask questions and dig deep with your clients and prospects to ensure you select the articles from the library that your niche wants to consume. Know your niche, understand their pain points, and develop a content plan.

Keep asking: What is the next thing they need to know? Then provide it.