A Review of the “Harbor Plan” Software Platform

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As part of our firm’s continued mission to generate predictable leads for independent financial advisory firms, we spend a lot of my time consulting with potential new clients. Whether we begin a relationship or not, we always try to help advisors win the customers they deserve – allowing them to work "smarter, not harder," as it were.

Just the other day, I was speaking with a financial advisor and we touched upon a unifying topic: the process. Someone comes to your site and fills out your "Contact Us" form. They give you basic information, but not enough to qualify them as a good lead. But you enter this information into your database or CRM anyway, in the hopes that this one may be more than it appears.

However, so much time lapses from when the prospect fills out the form and your opportunity to respond that this person keeps searching around for other financial advisors. By the time you realize that you were looking at a qualified lead, they've already gone with someone else.

Few things are as painful as missing opportunities like those.

It's something that I've seen happen time and again over the last 10 years. This advisor was looking to break free of the grind of manual entry, disorganized leads, impersonal responses and time wasted. They were looking for an opportunity to embrace sales automation to optimize their approach to lead generation and nurturing, but just weren't sure where to begin.

I said what I always do: "Let’s take a look at your software."