The Five Most Powerful Growth Hacks

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We start the New Year with good intentions.

Too often, though, our resolutions spur only short-term actions to move us in the desired direction.

For sustainable results, your answer is a comprehensive plan.

Most advisory firms are better at financial planning than creating a systematic approach to grow their own business.

For example, my firm’s surveys over many years have shown that only three in 10 practices have a current marketing plan.

Whether you follow a systematic approach to growth or are looking for an “easy button,” growth hacks are a path that any practice, team or individual advisor can leverage.

What the heck Is a growth hack?

Technically, growth hacking is a process of rapid tests across the marketing, sales and client management spectrum.

Its purpose is to identify the most efficient way to grow your business.

You probe all areas of the business with small tests to find a leverage point or easy way to grow.

Often, growth hacking is associated with early-stage start-ups that demand massive growth in a short time on a small budget.