Personal Master Calendar: A Novel Marketing Idea

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If you are among my regular followers, you know the value of having a master calendar for your business. This calendar reminds you of important activities that need to be completed throughout the year. These activities are infrequent in nature, thus the need for a reminder.

Recently, I was working with an advisor who purchased her own building. She is excited to be in a historic location on Main Street that she dreamed of owning since childhood. With ownership comes a need for regular maintenance, which is made easier by completing a master calendar.

This advisor and I decided to incorporate building-maintenance reminders into her business-master calendar. As we were adding reminders such as cleaning the gutters, trimming the trees, adjusting the timers on outdoor lighting and cleaning the chimney, she said, “I need one of these reminder calendars for my home.”

Thus began the development of her personal-master calendar.

As I shared the idea of a personal-master calendar with advisors, it became clear that most of us need something like it to keep us on track.

And so do our clients.