Nuveen: The Innovator in ESG/SRI Investing

Martin Kremenstein is senior managing director and head of retirement products and ETFs at Nuveen, a TIAA company.

Prior to joining Nuveen in 2015, Martin managed the ETF build-out at Deutsche Bank, where he launched and oversaw products in the commodities, currency, equity (international and domestic) and fixed income space. Prior to Deutsche Bank, Martin worked in risk management at JPMorgan Chase.

Martin earned his B.A. from the University of Leeds.

I spoke with Martin on October 30 at the Schwab IMPACT conference in Washington, DC.

Tell me a little bit about your role at Nuveen and your focus within the world of financial advisors.

I have two main focuses. I have the retirement products business – our target-date funds, the life-cycle funds, and the life-cycle index funds. I also have the exchange-traded fund business, which is a new build. We've been going for about two years, and have approximately $550 million in assets under management across 11 products.

Let’s talk about ESG/SRI investing. What is the overall appetite for advisors for those products, and what do you think is driving that right now?

The appetite among financial advisors for responsible investing is pretty strong, and continues to grow stronger. The majority of our ETFs are ESG. Of the 11 ETFs in our product suite, eight of them are ESG, and about $400 million of our $550 million or so in assets are in ESG assets.