Ten Subject Lines Tips to Get Your Emails Read

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How do you compete with the electronic bombardment facing your clients and prospects and get your email to stand out?

Like most people, financial advisors send and receive emails constantly. It may be to (or from) an associate, a client, or a prospect. Those people are busy sending their own emails as well as receiving a slew of others every single day.

Creating an attention-grabbing subject line is a critical first step to getting your contact to open up your email. A creative subject line that will not only capture your reader’s attention but also make them curious enough about the content of your message to want to open and read it.

This is not only important in your regular interaction with clients but also essential when it comes to lead nurturing in your marketing campaigns. If you are not sure what this is or why it’s important, you can see my article, What is Lead Nurturing, or start at the beginning of the series, Marketing Funnels for Financial Advisors.

Email reaches potential clients, gets your information in front of them and builds the important “know, like, and trust” factor.

Ten proven subject lines and phrases

“How can I help?”

There is a misconception that financial professionals are viewed as salespeople. In reality, they are advisors who help people with their financial lives. So, why not address that in the subject line of your email? People want to feel as though you are offering them help for something they need and are there because you have a genuine desire to make their stressful lives a little easier. By using this subject line you are letting your client or prospect know that you’re not trying to sell them on something but instead want to provide a service that can help them.

“I really enjoyed…”