On Being a Father

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As I get older I find that I value material things a lot less. I am still partial to gadgets, but soft things like conversations, walks – experiences – have started to matter to me a lot more than things. My writing was supposed to be about investing, how to make $2 out of $1, but existential topics have lately had a greater appeal for me than discussions about stocks or the economy.

Writing this scribble that I’m about to share with you was very difficult, because while I was writing it I kept asking myself “Am I a good father?”

I was not sure of the answer.

Being a father

Dana Carvey on when you most feel loved in your life:

When humans started to call me Dad. That is the word that gets me. You are famous to a billion people but only three people call you Dad!

I have a client. Her husband was a second-generation American, a Yale-educated lawyer who worked in the family business that was started by his father, a Russian immigrant. Four years ago he was diagnosed with cancer. He put up a great fight, but cancer won, and a year later he was gone, at 66.