Grow a beard, grow your practice

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More advisors should have beards. As most advisors have little to no brand, having a beard is a great way to set yourself apart and grow your business.

What a beard says about you

After being contacted by advisors who have beards asking my opinion on them, I became curious about the role of beards in financial services. Being deeply in love with my partner Antonio (who is 100% clean-shaven) for so many years, I never had any reason to pay attention to any other men or their facial hair. But this subject gave me an excuse to do so!

Boy, I sure hope my man isn’t reading Advisor Perspectives today!

Researching this article while riding on the NYC subway one day, I took it upon myself to look around at how many men actually have facial hair of some sort. I counted at least six bearded men in my segment of the subway car alone!

Consider these two seemingly disproportionate figures (as per Next Luxury).

  • 55% of men in the world have a beard or facial hair
  • 98% of the men on the Forbes 100 list do not have facial hair

From this staggering incongruity, we can infer the following:

If beards are so strikingly uncommon among the ultra-wealthy as opposed to the population at large, wouldn’t it be quite attention-grabbing for an advisor to wear a beard while among affluent company?

It would be rare, according to this data. And there you have it!