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It’s one of those things you’re told never to do. But here’s an example of one time that crying in front of a client led to a breakthrough I never would have made dry-eyed.

Is it okay to cry in front of your clients?

It may sound like an obvious ”no.” It’s common belief in the business world that any display of emotion or vulnerability is a sign of weakness.

But as someone who used to believe that emotional vulnerability is a huge sign of weakness, if it happens for the right reason it’s actually the opposite: a source of unbelievable strength.

When I was working on Wall Street in my 20s and early 30s and trying to be unemotional, there’s no way I would have ever shed a tear in public, let alone at work. It’s different now. Perhaps it’s the shift in work environment or because I’m a mother now (which, I believe, opens you up to all sorts of emotions you probably didn’t have before).

Crying is okay in certain situations, as long as you read what I’m about to describe.

Accidental emotional intelligence – Breakdown or breakthrough?

Years ago when I used to be an advisor, I had a young couple who expressed an interest in some financial advice as well as some term insurance, as they were expecting their first child. As we moved into the underwriting process for the insurance policies, there was a fair amount of back and forth as the woman was in her second trimester of pregnancycases tend to become a bit more complicated the further along you go.