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For advisors who work with people in transition, there is no more transitory place than an elevator. Here’s how I nabbed a prospect while scaling 20 floors – and some steps you can follow to meet prospects in an elevator.

The elevator is a great opportunity

Here’s why the elevator is an ideal place to meet prospects:

  • Everyone is bored, miserable and ripe to be entertained and made to laugh.
  • Elevators are ugly, dimly lit and boring.
  • People are nervous in elevators if they are going to a meeting with someone important.
  • People tend to follow a routine schedule and will typically be arriving at work, going to lunch and leaving at around the same time every day.
  • You can’t talk on your cell phone.
  • Luxury-office or residential buildings attract affluent people.
  • Nobody views the elevator ride as a prospecting opportunity, so their guard isn’t up.

The result of all of these factors: a captive audience ready to be interacted with!