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I have a test for you. In my work with advisors, I’ve identified seven networking strategies that consistently drive referrals. How many do you use?

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The importance of networking was reinforced in a meeting I recently had with a financial advisor who operates his own firm. His partner is a CPA and they staff a team of junior advisors. The purpose of the meeting was to help implement a networking culture within the organization. Given all the networking he was doing, the advisor wanted to know why it wasn’t resulting much in his business.

For most of the meeting, the FA spoke about his accomplishments, hobbies, experiences, successes, vision and even a career-defining decision that he needed to make.

What he didn’t do is ask questions about me.

Interestingly enough, the CPA, who was also in the meeting, pointed this fact out and we solved the essence of the networking problem. No wonder his networking wasn’t working.