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Too many advisors get sold on the idea of writing a book. But very few are truly suitable candidates for this undertaking.

Indeed, I’ve yet to meet an advisor who I wished had written a book.

It’s the #1 mis-sold product by marketers to advisors; books are the fee-laden, fixed-index annuity of the financial advisors marketing industry. If you’re thinking of writing a book, here are a few reasons why you should pass. Stay tuned and I’ll tell you what you should do instead.

Negative return on investment

You will get a negative return on investment for your book. Even some of the best-selling authors don’t make any money off book sales.

Of course, the marketing consultants all say, “You don’t write a book to sell books. You do it to strengthen your brand and create more visibility resulting in speaking engagements and create a celebrity image.”


It has more to do with the following factors.