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Harvard University has been the source of many great ideas. A 2012 study revealed the key concept that I have used to help advisors growth their practices. Its findings were expanded by just-released research from the university.

I owe a debt of gratitude to two psychology professors at Harvard. This 2012 study by Diana I. Tamir and Jason P. Mitchell was the turning point in my research (set forth in The Smartest Sales Book You’ll Ever Read) underpinning my Solin Process℠. The study had this key finding: We place an extraordinarily high value on talking about ourselves.

Once you understand that concept, it’s relatively easy to utilize it in all interactions – specifically when meeting with prospects. For advisors who embrace this finding, the results have been impressive.

New research from HBS

New research from Alison Wood Brooks and Leslie K. John, assistant professors at the Harvard Business School, builds on the research of Tamir and Mitchell by validating the power of asking questions and honing our ability to do so.

Initially, the authors noted the power of asking questions. Doing so “improve[s] our emotional intelligence, which in turn makes us better questioners – a virtuous cycle.” Other benefits include “building rapport and trust,” which should be the goal of advisors when meeting prospects.