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This article originally appeared on ETF.COM here.

As the director of research for Buckingham Strategic Wealth and The BAM Alliance, I am often asked to comment on articles or papers that make a case for active management being the winning strategy. Recently, I was asked to comment on a February 2018 article from Advisory Research titled “Emerging Markets: Active vs Passive.” At the end of 2017, the firm managed more than $7 billion in assets.

Not surprisingly, given the article’s position, Advisory Research presents evidence from an eVestment database of more than 300 institutional actively managed emerging market (EM) funds that shows a majority of active managers outperformed their EM benchmarks, and did so by a wide margin (on average 1.57%). The article thus concluded active management is the winning strategy in EM.

Before you jump to that same conclusion, let’s examine some other evidence. I’ll begin with a look at the latest S&P Dow Jones Indices SPIVA scorecard, from year-end 2017.

SPIVA verdict

SPIVA data shows that, for the last 5-, 10- and 15-year periods, 78%, 85% and 95%, respectively, of actively managed, publicly available EM mutual funds underperformed their benchmarks. That’s a stark contrast to the figures presented by Advisory Research.