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As someone who is in contact with a ton of advisors each month, I’m constantly amazed at how so many of them will spend six thousand dollars on a Brioni suit to make them look successful and pay zero attention to their hair. Here are some suggestions for both men and women about how to put a little more style into your hair without breaking grooming rules.

Personal appearance is a sensitive topic, so let me start out with a couple of caveats. Implied in what I write below is the assumption that a certain appearance denotes success and that advisors should strive for this. You are entitled to reject that assumption. Second, while my recommendations are gender-specific, your gender is self-defined.

Basic grooming tips that apply to everyone

None of us are getting any younger.

That’s how I console myself every time I look in the mirror and notice how the silver streaks are creeping into my temples. I didn’t have a single gray hair until I had three kids in three years and right after my second one hit the Terrible Twos (the “T” is capitalized twice for a reason, by the way) they have been popping up in droves.

Try to look better, not younger – and do it in a natural way.