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How to dress is not something they teach you in the CFP curriculum, but maybe they should.

Summer is not a great time for prospecting. Use this downtime to reassess your business suits and it will improve your ability to present yourself to affluent prospects in a fun and stylish way that will set you apart and make you feel more confident. Here are my recommendations for a variety of price points and styles.

Accessories are underutilized

Advisor suit selections should be conservative, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Too few advisors take the opportunity to make a statement about their brand using their fashion.

You can set yourself apart using appropriate accessories such as hats, pocket squares, belts and socks. Or, you can mix and match with sportswear. If you wear a pocket square, make sure you match fabrics. Cotton pocket square with a cotton suit, silk pocket square with a wool suit. Your belt should match the color of the shoes.

Fit over brand

When my first baby was born, there were some complications and it delayed my ability to lose the weight in the aftermath. But being a businesswoman I had to go to meetings.

I remember telling my partner Antonio, “I feel like a stuffed sausage.”

It’s challenging to feel confident wearing clothes that don’t fit right. Regardless of your weight, you can look and feel great in a suit.

If necessary, look for a suit that is a fuller cut. Most designers don’t gear their suites towards this body type. A classic fit suit will give you a wider armhole, a more ample leg and thigh, and a fuller rise.

Made-to-measure suits are more expensive but tend to work out better than buying one off the rack for fuller-bodied people. Before you spend a fortune on the most expensive brand, understand that fit matters more than brand. Enlist the services of a tailor. High-end stores tend to have a tailor onsite as most of the time there is some alteration that needs to be done.