The Power of Advisor Content Marketing: Five Smart Steps to Harvest Quality Prospects

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Back at the dawn of the internet in 1996 Bill Gates declared, “Content is king.”

I experienced the truth of these words in 2001. Then, as a brash young marketer, I talked my way into being hired as the first director of marketing for a small software firm selling compliance and archiving solutions to financial services firms.

I had to prove myself immediately and cheaply. I did so with “king” content.

With my first marketing promotion, I generated 300% more leads than the firm’s best-performing evaluation or demonstration campaign to date. The vehicle to unprecedented results? An educational white paper.

Exactly what is content marketing?

Simply put, content marketing creates and shares content to attract, engage and inspire a chosen audience.

A few starter ideas for you are a free report or white paper, a video, a webinar, an email checklist, writing articles or a blog, newsletters, a live seminar or workshop, a radio program, a podcast or an infographic.

Audiences for content marketing include your prospects, clients and centers-of-influence (COIs).

What’s in it for you?

Custom content in an advisor’s or a firm’s voice creates an opening to build a relationship with your audience.

Your content can reflect your view of the markets or your investment or planning philosophy. It must be highly relevant to your current and potential ideal clients.

That’s how content marketing can boost your practice above all others.